As we come to the end of 2023, we would like to look back on all that Tectónica Cultural has done and its consequences:

We have developed four editions of DAR (Dones Artistes Rurals), two of them in Comunidad Valenciana financed by the Consorci de Museus de la Comunitat Valenciana, in collaboration with the Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània; and our first two in Catalonia thanks to the European funds Next Generation and the Diputació de Tarragona.

To date, the project has 72 artists. During this year two associations are being formed on the initiative of the artists and those of the Alto Palancia edition have joined RuralArte, which have carried out three collective exhibitions: “Women” in March and “Under the same sky” in August and December, which can be visited until the 7th of January in the Duques de Medinaceli Palace in Geldo. In addition, it is important to highlight that two pre-projects created by the artists at DAR are being financed by the European Next Generation funds. We will be able to see the results in the coming months.

Currently, the artists of the Vall d’Albaida are forming their association and have produced the exhibition “Dones Artistes de la Vall d’Albaida” which can be visited until 12 January at the Museo Fester in Ontinyent.

In Catalonia, the artists from Conca de Barberà are also creating their own association and have programmed the exhibition “7 Dones”, which could be enjoyed for a few days this December in Montblanc.

The DAMAC collective, created a year ago by artists from Comtat i l’Alcoià, has developed this summer the exhibition “FEM D7àleg” in La Capella de l’Antic Asil in Alcoy. They have also participated this month in the Muestra de Arte y Diseño de Alcoy (MADA).

Two mural paintings during these last months of the year: “Nada nos impide volar” and “Villar, tu estilo/destino de vida”, as well as the exhibition “Tardeo con arte” in the restaurant El Porche in Villar del Arzobispo that can be visited until the 9th of January, are the actions carried out by the collective MAR de la Serranía of the artists of the first edition, in the Serranía.

In order to be in contact with all the DAR collectives, several meetings are held every year. The DAMAC artists organised the September meeting in Alcoy, where we were able to visit their studios and see their work first hand.

On the other hand, in addition to promoting the creation of associations of DAR artists, Tectónica Cultural has also contributed to this work in other contexts. We gave the workshop Interdisciplinary collectives in movement. Learning and entrepreneurship, to generate synergies in the creation of the association of women artists of La Marina Alta (Alacant).

In addition, other projects have been carried out, such as AVER (Visual Artists in Rural Environments) produced by the Ministry of Culture for the Forum on Culture and Ruralities, where 4 artists from La Mancha, together with a craftswoman, produced a collective artistic production made with wicker, a sustainable material characteristic of La Mancha.

We have been invited to participate in different conferences such as the “Summit of MAV Debates associations” and the round table “The role of art in the social cohesion of rural areas” in the first edition of the HerrikoFest festival.

We have also forged relations with the Government of Andorra through the Andorra Crea Festival, where we were invited as cultural agents to get to know the work of the artists, as well as the country’s cultural programme.

As you can see, a lot has happened this year. We are grateful for having shared experiences, weaved networks and generated links, because this is what makes us grow as people, with our successes and our mistakes. Thanks to all of you who have contributed to this and see you in 2024, which awaits us with new projects and opportunities, which we will be announcing in due course on our social networks. Stay tuned and have a good end and start of the year!

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