DAR expands! The trajectory of Dones Artistes Rurals, by Tectónica Cultural, begins in Castilla La Mancha as a cultural accelerator thanks to the European Next Generation funds. From the second half of 2024 to the first half of 2026, the project will cover the entire province of Cuenca through four editions.

It is well known that the whole of this territory (except for Cuenca city and Tarancón) is at extreme risk of depopulation and has a serious problem to fix women in rural areas. This is due to the fact that women artists face serious difficulties in developing their personal, professional and family projects under equal conditions due to economic issues (employment, access to opportunities, training, etc.) and social issues (problems of conciliation, dependency, etc.). All of this generates an inequality gap and, consequently, an exodus to other territories.

The DAR Cultural Project is based on parameters of development, sustainability and balance. We offer visual artists innovative formulas and viable economic alternatives to respond to the principle of equal opportunities. We are committed to their access to training for the professionalisation of women visual artists and, at the same time, for them to be able to reconcile work and family life. With the project, we are responding to a lack of knowledge about the art market and their professionalisation as artistic producers, which the artists themselves, trained in the faculties of fine arts, claim to be lacking.

The project considers that access to ICTs is fundamental for professional development, which is why it offers a programme with a virtual platform where online sessions are given for their professionalisation. Its aim is to provide advice, support and guidance for employment and entrepreneurship.

DAR is present in the Valencian Community, Catalonia and Castilla La Mancha. Which will be the next autonomous community to have DAR?