Since 2020 we have been working with rural women visual artists promoting their personal and professional development through training sessions for their professionalization, we promote their artistic production and generate collaborative projects to develop teamwork and encourage the creation of artistic collectives.

We have, among others, the support of the Consortium of Museums of the Valencian Community, Carme Centre of Contemporary Culture,  Ministry of Culture, National Rural Network, and Association of Visual Artists of the Valencian Community, which recognized the work of DAR with the delivery of Recognitions 2022.

We are also on the list of the best cultural projects in rural areas 2022 and 2023 of the Observatory of Culture of La Fábrica.

Training for their professionalization

We apply analysis tools to redirect their trajectories, we advise on the preparation of documents oriented to the artistic work environment and we formulate collaborative online projects.


Dissemination, promoting your artistic production. Through our online platform, social networks, press and presentation in public institutions.


Networking, generating collaborative projects to develop teamwork and encourage the creation of artistic collectives.




The DAR Project (Dones Artistes Rurals) is part of the program of Consorci de Museus de la Comunitat Valenciana in collaboration with the Centre del Carme  de Cultura Contemporània.

Through this project we work on the professional and personal development of women artists from rural communities.

Our goals are based on:

  • Make visible the work of women visual artists from the rural environment.
  • Generate networks among women artists of the environment for the development of community projects.
  • Cover training needs through courses (job guidance for visual artists), conferences, meetings.
  • Offer consulting service.
  • Protect the interests of this group.


The impact of the DAR Project on the trajectories of artists is evident thanks to the various activities that take place as a result of their participation in our initiative. We highlight those that have been carried out:

  1. Promotion for the creation of associations
  2. Organization of individual and collective exhibitions
  3. Production of preliminary projects developed in DAR sale of work
  4. Assignments and promotion in public administrations
  5. Participation in conferences awards


Those women visual artists (drawing, painting, engraving, serigraphy, sculpture, photography, video art, urban art, graffiti, performance, etc.) who carry out their professional activity in the field of art, partially or exclusively, may participate in the call. , either because they already carry out their activity in said field or because they want to start a professional career in said sector. In addition, they must reside in the territory of the call to which it is addressed

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