TECTÓNICA CULTURAL is a non-profit association created in 2022 by a team of art and culture professionals committed to the personal and professional development of cultural agents.

The concept of tectonic culture was addressed by Kenneth Frampton in 1995. In his book, Studies on tectonic culture, he states that each human place on the planet has its own identity and authenticity, which deserves respect and recognition.

In this sense, from our association we consider that each place must be understood in a transversal and interdisciplinary way. The connection of people with their environment must be taken care of and serve as inspiration for cultural interventions as well. Taking this into account implies structuring the territory and promoting autonomous and flexible thinking.

From Tectónica Cultural we promote cultural diversity and social participation. We are committed to equal opportunities and promote culture as a driver for development. For this reason, we generate projects that involve the promotion of cultural agents that are not visible, because visibility matters.



Clara Albacete,
cultural manager.



Jordi Albacete,



Desirée Juliana,
cultural manager.




PIONEER PROJECT, which since 2020 has been working with rural women visual artists, promoting their personal and professional development through training sessions, promoting their artistic production and generating collaborative projects to develop teamwork and encourage the creation of artistic collectives.

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DAR Project extend the call from the Baix Ebre

DAR Project extend the call from the Baix Ebre

The DAR Project (Rural Women Artists) has decided to extend the call from the Baix Ebre region to all Terres de l'Ebre for two more weeks, until March 13. Clara Albacete, the director of DAR has stated "We have received requests from artists from other municipalities...

Interview at Radio Montblanc

Interview at Radio Montblanc

We share the interview they did with Clara Albacete and Jaime López on the occasion of the open calls for the Tierras del Ebro and Tarragona in the Calle Mayor program of Radio Montblanc.