Andanes d’Art is born, a Catalog of artists, spaces and cultural resources in Alboraya, a pioneering proposal to energize the art and culture sector in l’Horta Nord

  • Andanes d’Art is a catalog of cultural resources, art spaces, academies and other creative spaces within the municipality of Alboraya.
  • Alboraya seeks to present itself as a welcoming town for artists, creators and cultural industries.
  • The catalog begins its journey with an open call for established creators, who are working, studying or investing their time in creation, in the municipality of Alboraya.

Alboraya. The Department of Culture of Alboraya in collaboration with Tectónica Cultural takes the first steps of what will be the first catalog of artists, artisans, creative spaces and cultural resources of l’Horta Nord.

Andanes d’Art, Catalog of artists, spaces and cultural resources in Alboraya, is an initiative of Tectónica Cultural that seeks to create a cartography of cultural resources in the municipality of Alboraya, which energizes the sector and creates networks of collaboration and mutual support in the cultural, artistic and craft sector.

It is a commitment to promote art and culture as an engine of economic development, positioning Alboraya as a friendly and collaborative municipality for artists and creative people. In short, Andanes d’Art seeks to make artists visible, identify and facilitate public and private resources and establish bridges of dialogue with the artistic educational community of the city of Valencia.

To carry out this project, a catalog of studios, workshops, academies, art spaces and individuals dedicated to the artistic or cultural sector, who reside, work or study in the municipality of Alboraya, will be prepared. At the same time, the catalog will include public and private spaces and resources in Alboraya, which are likely to be used by artists.

The catalog wants to be a tool at the service of the town’s residents and aims to attract and promote local talent, projecting in the town and l’Horta through a pioneering, sustainable proposal and the use of resources. The catalog is the beginning of a broader project, which will be consolidated over the next few years, with activities that will revolve around artistic creation in Alboraya and its orchard.

In this sense, Alboraya wants to make evident its commitment to art and culture and show itself as a friendly and welcoming town for the cultural and creative industries in the Valencian Community.