Laura Llaneli, a renowned visual and sound artist, has given two training sessions in the ‘El Maestrat i Els Ports’ edition of Dones Artistes Rurals (DAR) on the elaboration of artistic discourse and the creation of portfolios and the adaptation of dossiers for calls for proposals. Llaneli offered tools for the discourse in the creation of a common, specific and clear language that can be understood by the cultural agents of the sector (curators, critics, cultural managers, etc.).

Laura Llaneli also showed the artists how to effectively create their portfolios and how to adapt their dossiers for different calls for proposals. “This learning is fundamental for the professionalisation of the artists because the portfolio offers a global vision of the artistic production and reflects its essence. It helps a professional in the sector to get to know the work and, consequently, to invite them to take part in exhibitions and cultural projects”, she explained. The artist also stressed that the dossiers “are a tool with which to enter the art circuit through grants, residencies or prizes”.

Llaneli has won several awards, exhibitions, cultural events and performances. In his work he explores the relationship between sound production and the experience, language and practices of contemporary visual arts. In the previous edition of DAR with Vall d’Albaida, he taught a session on the elaboration of artistic discourse.

The artists have expressed their satisfaction with the sessions and consider them to be very useful tools for their professionalisation and cultural diversity. DAR has a team of professionals in the field of contemporary art that is committed to cultural management and adapts its training to the needs of its participants, encouraging social participation.