This week the visual artists of DAR del Maestrat and Els Ports will take five theoretical and practical didactic units within the professional orientation course given by the Asociación Arte Sostenible. During these sessions the artists will work on creating their brands, choosing the right gallery and presenting themselves properly, competing with other artists, negotiating with art dealers, establishing prices for their works, dealing with collectors, exhibiting at fairs, competing for prizes, applying for grants, managing copyright, knowing their tax obligations, documenting and cataloguing their works, etc.

The course is taught by Jaime López, advisor and mentor to artists, cultural manager, museologist, curator and art consultant, who collaborates with the DAR Project.

In each edition, the visual artists of the DAR Project receive training for their professionalisation. They have several artistic coaching sessions where different topics are addressed, such as, for example, the elaboration of the artistic discourse (you can see the previous article about Laura Llaneli’s participation).

In addition to these trainings, there is also a professional orientation course for visual artists. The different modules provide the knowledge and the right tools to successfully face the different tasks and obstacles that may arise in their professional career and in their cultural projects, with a special emphasis on rural environments and social participation.

Since 2009 Arte Sostenible has trained more than 3000 students and organised more than 300 courses. Its students are trained and advised through the mentoring programme to develop and promote professional careers in the cultural sector, especially in visual arts. It provides professional information and comprehensive advice on any aspect of entrepreneurship and career guidance for visual artists and students. Arte Sostenible has also published several textbooks, manuals and other teaching materials on museum studies, cultural diversity, art curatorship, exhibition design and management, art market and career management in the visual arts.