The project Dones Artistes Rurals (DAR), of Tectónica Cultural, has celebrated on 23rd and 24th September in Alcoy the meeting of the artists of the 5 editions carried out. The artists of the second edition of DAR, Alcoià i Comtat, hosted the event.

During the days different activities have been developed such as the guided visit of the exhibition Fem D7àleg of the collective Damac (created by the artists DAR of this territory) and the workshops of the artists Sari Miró, Miriam Barea, Macu Jordà and Macu Seguí who have shown their works and shared how they develop their creative process.

These days have coincided with the celebration of the Modernist Fair in Alcoy. The participants took the opportunity to visit the IVAM CADA, as well as other spaces in the city.

The participants shared moments of encounter and dialogue, where they generated synergies and shared experiences. The artists have assured that this type of activity helps them a lot both on a personal and professional level and that it has been a very enriching meeting. Xus Francés, artist DAR Vall d’Albaida, last edition, assures that in this kind of meetings you learn a lot and that they are very inspiring for the participants.

Clara Albacete, director of the project, has shown them her maximum support and pride, as she considers that all this result is what gives meaning to DAR, that the artists are united and proactive, weaving networks.

The next meeting will be hosted by the artists of the third edition in Alto Palancia. Meanwhile, the artists continue to develop their artistic production and different collaborative projects. To find out more about what they are doing, we invite you to follow them on social networks.