In Tectónica Cultural’s DAR project we include the pioneering cultural project DAR (Dones Artistes Rurals) that since 2020 promotes the personal and professional development of rural women. The project is developed through training sessions where we work on their professionalization, promote their artistic production and generate collaborative projects to develop teamwork and encourage the creation of artistic collectives.

One of the objectives of Dones Artistes Rurals in each of the territories in which we work, is to weave networks and build relationships between professionals and promote mutual support and associationism through cultural events. For this reason, in each territory in which we have worked, once the formative stage of DAR has finished, several associations have emerged in each context.

The motivation is to maintain and strengthen the relationships, cultural diversity and work dynamics that have been developed during the cultural management and the Tectónica Cultural’s DAR project

Mar de la Serranía, Damac (in Alcoià i el Comtat) and Rural Arte (in Alto Palancia) are proof of how women artists from different localities have become associated as a result of the work we do in DAR. In most cases, they have been created from the beginning and in some, the associations already existed, but lacked momentum and relay.

For us, this is the proof of the success of the program Dones Artistes Rurals, which, above all, seeks to promote, make visible, empower and energize the cultural and artistic sector, encouraging social participation in peripheral contexts.

We also leave you a guide on how to create an association that has made Núria Gómez Bolufer, Tèc. de cultura i patrimoni de la Mancomunitat Comarcal de la Marina Alta, entity with which we collaborate.