On 5 July, the cultural project AVER (Artistas Visuales en Entornos Rurales) was presented at the Teatro Auditorio de Cuenca José Luis Perales. During the session, which was part of the VI Forum of Culture and Ruralities of the Ministry of Culture, the work developed during the project from start to finish in collaboration with Arte Sostenible and Kárstica Espacio de Creación, Cañada del Hoyo, was presented.

The president of Tectónica Cultural, Clara Albacete, explained the keys to the project throughout the creative and social participation process, as well as the curatorial training given to the team of artists. Also taking part in the presentation were Jaime López of Arte Sostenible, the project’s collaborator, and its participants: the craftswomen Paulina Belinchón and the artists Isabel Campos, Rubén Chumillas and Miriam Gascón.

The AVER project, which formed part of the Expanded Forum programme, was held in Cuenca from 4 to 7 July 2023. The project was developed by four artists with the aim of creating a co-creative and collaborative cultural diversity project in the rural environment of Cuenca.

Thus was born “weaving connections: from the ruin to the temple”, an artistic intervention with sustainable materials that looks at the concept of the temple in both its aesthetic and philosophical conception. It is a site-specific installation that takes place on the ruins of the houses where the railway workers and their families used to live, in the station of Cañada del Hoyo (Cuenca). The use and handling of wicker, a characteristic material of the territory, has been one of the fundamental axes of the project. A craftswoman, with the collaboration of the four artists, passed on her knowledge in a workshop aimed at the public. The participants actively participated in the creation of the pieces of the installation and developed skills in the use of this material.