The DAR Project (Rural Women Artists) has decided to extend the call from the Baix Ebre region to all Terres de l’Ebre for two more weeks, until March 13.

Clara Albacete, the director of DAR has stated “We have received requests from artists from other municipalities of Terres de l’Ebre and we have considered that it makes much more sense to hold a call that extends throughout the territory. In this way we reach more artists and more opportunities are given. After all, this is our objective and the one that gives meaning to our work”

The mission of this initiative is to make visible the creators who develop contemporary art content. The project is a pioneering program, born in 2020 and that works to offer training, dissemination and create a network among women artists who work outside the urban surroundings, through a platform that makes their creations visible and promotes collaborations and community projects.

The project of the Tectónica Cultural association with the collaboration of Arte Sostenible, is part of the programming of the Consorcio de Museos de la Comunidad Valenciana, in collaboration with the Centro de Carme Cultura Contemporánea, and now, for the first time since its creation, it will be promoted in Catalonia, Terres de l’Ebre and Conca de Barberà.
DAR is financed by European Next Generation funds and also has the support of the Tarragona Provincial Council.

On the other hand, there are several institutions that support it, such as the Ministry of Culture and the National Rural Network. The Association of Visual Artists of the Valencian Community recognized his work with the delivery of Acknowledgments 2022. And he is also on the list of the best cultural projects in rural areas 2022 of the Observatorio de Cultura de La Fábrica.

The women registered in the call, which ends on March 13, will be part of the Rural Women Artists platform and for approximately 4 months they will be able to obtain training on the operation of the artistic market, how to manage and promote their work, learn about cultural resources and promote collaborative projects with other women artists. Women who work in the field of contemporary art can participate in the call, through different disciplines such as drawing, painting, engraving, serigraphy, sculpture, photography, video art, urban art, graffiti, performance… And who dedicate themselves on time total or partial.

The final public presentation at Centro de arte Lo Pati, Amposta on June 14.